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Salmon price status at week 32

NORWAY | Wednesday, August 15, 2018
The volumes of fresh Norwegian salmon exported in week 32 are are up 1512 tonnes (+8.7 pe...


Chinese canned seafood can re-enter Peruvian market
Peru | 02:10 | Canned fish produced in China can now be re-sent to the Peruvian market after having been banned from import for eight months following the finding of parasitic worms inside tinned mackerel. Full Story
New standard officialises rainbow trout sale as salmon
China | 01:50 | The Chinese government has decided to officialise the practice of labelling and selling rainbow trout as salmon after the mislabelling complaints stemming from the large quantity of the fish sold as salmon in China. Full Story
Govt of Madeira and town authorities clash over aquaculture project
Portugal | 00:50 | The regional government of Madeira questioned the position taken by the Town Council of Ponta do Sol against the aquaculture infrastructure installation on its seafront, considering that it is not a matter of municipal power. Full Story
Fair Northern Fish for European Consumers
Hätälä is a Nordic market leader in the production of sustainable premium fish products located close to the Arctic Circle in Finland, combining traditional handicraft with modern technology.
SOKOTRA Capital Ltd. Led Consortium Acquires 100% of L'Aquaculture Tunisienne
The Dubai-based private investment company has just completed the acquisition of 100% of AT, one of the oldest and most established companies in the aquaculture sector in North Africa and the Mediterranean basin.
Bantry Bay Seafoods Becomes New Wave of Bantry
Bantry Bay Seafoods is a vertically integrated company, and has completely control of everything from growing its mussels, to harvesting, processing, packing and distributing them.
Premium Organic Shrimp Delivered Directly from the Source
The Seajoy Group is one of the largest producers of Central and South American Premium farmed raised shrimp for European and American markets.
Pacifical makes it possible to trace MSC tuna via Ethereum platform
Netherlands Global marketing company Pacifical, in cooperation with blockchain service provider Atato, has started publishing MSC tuna sustainability certification and traceability data using the Ethereum public blockchain.
Alaska complains about Chinese seafood import steep tariffs
United States Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute is drafting a letter of complaint to be sent to the federal Government to protest its plan for steep tariffs on Chinese imports, including seafood.
New Galician trawler shows commitment to fishing vessel condition onboard
Spain The Government of Galicia defends the need to improve conditions on board ships to promote more incorporations to the fishing activity.
Lobster exports feel the impact of trade war with China
United States United States lobster exports to China, amounting to over USD 142 million last year, are expected to take a big hit after the the trade war between both countries.