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Scotland opens GBP 1m innovation fund for aquaculture SMEs

UNITED KINGDOM | Tuesday, May 23, 2017
Small to medium enterprises (SMEs) working in the aquaculture supply chain in the Highland...


New technological platform will contribute to tuna catch tracing
New Zealand | 03:00 | The implementation of a real-time electronic reporting platform will help verify and validate Pacific tuna deliveries from sea to port. Full Story
Cutting-edge technology favours salmon extended shelf-life
United States | 02:20 | American technology company that naturally extends the shelf life of fresh proteins BluWrap states that fresh Norwegian salmon held for 20 days in its system performs identically to fresh salmon kept on ice for three days after slaughter. Full Story
Innovative system developed to farm salmon offshore
Norway | 01:50 | Salmon and trout producer Erko Seafood AS and oceanic aquaculture engineering service provider Global Maritime AS have developed a new concept for offshore salmon farming called 'North Sea Fishfarm. Full Story
Best First Quarter Result in the History of NRS
Norway Royal Salmon group delivers a new record quarterly result due to high salmon prices, and that Region South and the Sales business deliver strong results.
UK First As Shoppers Set To Sample Certified Sustainable Western Pacific Tuna
Princes tuna chunks will all now carry the MSC eco label, following the recent addition of MSC salmon and mackerel to the Princes range, part of its longstanding commitment to sourcing sustainable fish.
Whole Foods Market Becomes Latest Retail Member of IPNLF
Whole Foods Market’s membership of IPNLF is the latest step in the company’s efforts to move the seafood industry toward greater sustainability underlining its commitment to sustainable one-by-one tuna.
Pingtan Marine Enterprise to Take Second Step to Enter Consumer Food Market
Chinese fishing company Pingtan Marine Enterprise signs a framework agreement to sell its fish products in e-commerce platform and to a restaurant chain.
Norway lobster abundance in the Gulf of Cadiz studied through underwater images
Spain Researchers from the Spanish Institute of Oceanography will estimate the abundance of Norway lobster in the waters of the Gulf of Cadiz through underwater videos made with a photogrammetric sledge.
Bluefin tuna quota left uncaught, ensures CONAPESCA
Ecuador The Mexican tuna fleet has not yet completed the catch quota for bluefin tuna (Thunnus orientalis) established by the Inter-American Tropical Tuna Commission for Mexico.
IPNLF urges IOTC to improve tuna stock management in Indian Ocean
Indonesia The International Pole & Line Foundation and its Member network are urging the Indian Ocean Tuna Commission to further enhance the management of stocks and reduce bycatch in Indian Ocean’s tuna fisheries.
Vietnam’s shrimp exports remain stable in Q1
Viet Nam In the first quarter this year, Vietnamese shrimp exports reached the same value as the same period in 2016, at USD 618.3 million, Vietnam Association of Seafood Exporters & Producers reported.