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DFO seeks to apply fines instead of charges for minor fisheries violations

CANADA | Friday, December 15, 2017
As part of its enforcement approach, Fisheries and Oceans Canada is currently seeking the public’s opinion on its plans to expand the use of tickets for minor fishing violations.


New procedure allows faster detection of environmental impacts from sa
Germany | 23:50 | Researchers from the University of Kaiserslautern, together with colleagues from the University of Geneva, are developing faster and more efficient methods to determine how salmon farms affect the benthic ecosystem. Full Story
First brown shrimp fishery achieves MSC certification
European Union | 23:20 | The North Sea brown shrimp fishery (Crangon crangon) — operating in Germany, Denmark and the Netherlands — has achieved MSC certification following a collaboration between fishermen, conservation NGOs, government bodies and scientists. Full Story
Irish fishermen to secure 2018 fishing quotas increase amid Brexit neg
Republic of Ireland | 22:10 | Following two days of intensive negotiations, the Irish Minister for Agriculture, Food and... Full Story
Camanchaca Obtains Sustainable Certification for Fish Meal and Fish Oil
Compañía Pesquera Camanchaca has achieved Friend of the Sea's certification for fish meal and fish oil from anchoveta and mackerel fished in the South East Pacific Ocean.
Eco-friendly, Biodegradable and Edible Seaweed Packaging
Indonesia´s startup Evoware is relying on its biodegradable farmed seaweed alternative to plastic packaging to reduce contamination of the environment.
SeaPak Frozen Seafood For a Stress-Free Holiday Entertaining
As America's No. 1 shrimp brand in frozen specialty seafood, SeaPak has an impressive lineup of tasty frozen products designed to bring restaurant-quality options to holiday entertainers across the country.
Lund’s Fisheries Expands into Innovative Product Lines and Markets
Lund’s Fisheries has announced a series of promotions and new hires as part of its expansion into innovative product lines and markets, the reorganized team will focus on adding additional value-added products.
Norway Royal Salmon and Aker’s proposal to grow more salmon in the Arctic receives green light
Norway Norway Royal Salmon and Aker obtained approval to increase their production volume of aquaculture operations in the Arctic after filing a complaint against the original allocation decision.
Spanish associations request European ministers stability in fishing quotas
Spain The Spanish Fisheries Confederation has asked the EU to ensure the stability of the European fishing sector in the allocation of TACs and fishing quotas for 2018, which will be decided at the meeting of the European Council of Ministers.
Migrant crew exploitation on Irish vessels continues, according to a report
Republic of Ireland A new investigation on migrant fishermen working on Irish boats has revealed that severe underpayment, discrimination and exploitation are still rife in the industry.
EU fishing quota deal deemed satisfactory to British fishermen
United Kingdom The EU fisheries ministers have agreed on a rise in the amount of fish British trawlers can catch in the North Sea, a deal that will represent more than GBP 750 million to the sector.