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Environmental licenses and financing hinder shrimp industry

BRAZIL | Wednesday, October 22, 2014
With more favourable conditions in the international market, the shrimp farming industry is gaining more strength in Brazil and being directed abroad. But the sector requests further government support.


Chinese group acquires lobster plant in Nova Scotia
Canada | 02:00 | The Chinese seafood giant Zhangzidao Group has taken over an existing lobster plant in Eastern Passage, Nova Scotia. Full Story
Vietnamese shrimp farms first ASC certified in Asia
Viet Nam | 01:20 | Quoc Viet is the first Asian shrimp farm to announce Aquaculture Stewardship Council certification following assessment against the ASC Shrimp Standard. Full Story
Parliament supports negotiation of more licenses for tuna traps
Portugal | 23:50 | Unanimously, the Assembly of the Republic agreed to consider it a priority to negotiate, together with the EU, more licenses for the installation of tuna traps (almadrabas) in Portuguese waters. Full Story
Chicken of the Sea Leverages its Salmon Leadership with New Flavoured Salmon Pouches
Chicken of the Sea is launching a new line of Flavored Salmon Pouches specially formulated to offer a healthy, convenient and tasty lunch alternative to traditional midday salads, sandwiches and rice bowls.
Alaska Winter King and Snow Crab Season Opens
This week marks the opening of Alaska’s 2014-2015 winter king and snow crab season and the crab fishermen will take to Alaska’s icy waters to bring delicious and succulent Alaska king and snow crab to markets around the world.
Sun Shrimp from American Mariculture Will Revolutionize the US Shrimp Industry
Culturing a fresh, healthy, sustainable shrimp in the US has been challenging the seafood industry for many years. Now Sun Shrimp answer many of the toughest challenges facing US seafood supply today.
Media Indirectly Recognizes FIS's Global Leadership
Just over a week ago Undercurrent News announced: "Advertisers take note: We are the fastest-growing website for the seafood industry with double and triple the traffic of our closest Competitors".
Seafood labelling campaign raises controversial views
Australia Several conservationists, scientists, fishermen and fish-lovers have teamed up to urge Australian authorities to follow the EU on seafood labelling laws whereas certain caterers and importers question the move.
DiCaprio Foundation donates USD 2 million to combat overfishing, ocean conservation
United States The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation provided USD 2 million to Oceans 5, an international funders’ collaborative dedicated to stopping overfishing and establishing marine reserves in the world’s five oceans.
Conservationists condemn Malta’s request to raise bluefin tuna quota
Malta Malta's government’s intention to be granted bluefin tuna quota increase has not been welcomed by conservation organization WWF and by the coalition of Maltese NGOs Fish4tomorrow.
Rapid shellfish toxins test may be soon available
Australia A new project to develop a rapid shellfish toxin screen test is underway at the University of Tasmania.