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New strong QTL for SRS resistance in salmon coho will contribute to decrease the use of antibiotics

CHILE | Thursday, June 29, 2017
Puerto Varas - A collaboration between researchers in Chile and Norway, directed by the Aq...


Enviromentalists urge federal government to stop GM salmon project
Canada | 01:00 | Local and national environmental groups once again urge Canada's federal government to perform a risk assessment on a new AquaBounty hatchery that will raise genetically-modified salmon to market size. Full Story
Oceana explores North Sea marine life in five countries’ waters
European Union | 00:50 | Oceana began its North Sea expedition on Wednesday to investigate important areas of marine life in the waters of Germany, Denmark, Norway, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom, aboard the Neptune. Full Story
Technology guarantees Spanish tuna fleet transparency, says Opagac
Spain | 23:50 | The Spanish tuna fleet, grouped in the Organization of Associated Producers of Large Tuna Freezer Vessels, in Brussels introduced the technological systems used on their vessels and highlighted their decisive contribution to the tropical tuna fishery transparency and sustainability. Full Story
Top 10 Shortlist Revealed for 2017 Seafood Restaurant of the Year
The competition assesses restaurants on the quality of the seafood dishes they serve, their responsible sourcing policies and their knowledge of fish and shellfish species both front and back of house.
Five Aquaculture Innovations Reach Final Round
Seafood Trade Intelligence Portal, Solidaridad and Fresh Studio, hosts of the Aquaculture Innovation Challenge, invited the top five innovations to move forward to the final round.
Wärtsilä 31 Main Engine to Power New Fuel Efficient Fishing Vessel
Wärtsilä has been selected to provide its Wärtsilä 31 main engine, the propulsion machinery, and the auxiliary engines for a new state-of-the-art pelagic trawler under construction at a Norwegian shipyard.
Alibaba Group Announces Strategic Cooperation with Chicken of the Sea
E-commerce leader Alibaba Group has announced strategic cooperation with Driscoll’s and Chicken of the Sea to bring U.S. food products to China, home to the world’s largest consumer market.
Study reveals strong juvenile trout drop in the ocean
Canada A new study tracking 35-year trends for more than 40 steelhead populations determined that declining numbers of steelhead trout in the rivers flowing through British Columbia, Washington state, and Oregon are linked to poor survival of young fish in ocean environments.
Latin American countries agree on coordinated work to combat illegal fishing
Chile A call to union and regional technical cooperation to strengthen surveillance actions were made by representatives of Latin America participating in the first international tour on illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing.
Purse seine fleet ends bluefin tuna season closes three days before closure
European Union The bluefin tuna fishing season in the Western and Central Mediterranean Sea and in the Adriatic Sea ended last June 21 for the European Union purse seine fleet, three days before the official closure.
CSIRO develops breakthrough technology to combat IUU fishing
Australia Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation has developed a world first notification system that alerts authorities when vessels engaged in illegal, unregulated and unreported fishing arrive in port.