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United States

Salmon exports to China reach new record

CANADA | Wednesday, May 04, 2016
Salmon exports that British Columbia sent to China in 2015 exceeded more than double the previous record in 2002, encouraged by an emerging appetite for the farm-raised species in the Asian country.


Oil sardine catches record strong drop
India | 01:30 | Overall marine fish landings experienced an annual decline of 5.3 per cent in India. Oil sardines (Sardinella longiceps) recorded the sharpest fall of 51 per cent owing to increased temperature, environmental stress, change in fish spawning and lack of food. Full Story
BP to finally pay USD 1000 million to fishing sector
United States | 23:50 | British Petroleum plc. firm has finally decided to pay off USD 1 billion it owed in compensation to seafood interests affected by the Gulf of Mexico oil spill in 2010. Full Story
Intensity and extent of harmful microalgae increase
Chile | 23:40 | The microalgae Alexandrium catenella, which caused the red tide phenomenon that affects the region of Los Lagos, is expected to increase both in intensity and geographical distribution. Full Story
Gold of the Sea
Cortez Bottarga is the first company in the United States to produce bottarga - the sun cured roe of grey striped mullet, in the same hand-made way as has been done for thousands of years.
Tesco Clears its Shelves of Unsustainable Tuna
Tesco is rapidly expanding the MSC-ecolabel scheme for pre-packed and frozen fish sold in Tesco stores and it will be also introducing MSC-certified fish to its 656 fish counters.
The Scottish Salmon Company Introduces Native Hebridean Salmon
Developed over many years from broodstock originally sourced directly from the cold, clear waters of the island of North Uist in the rugged Outer Hebrides of Scotland, Native Hebridean is exclusively available from SSC.
Marine Harvest First to Feature New ASC Marketing Toolkit at Seafood Expo Global
To celebrate the official launch of the ASC Marketing Toolkit, the Marine Harvest Group is the first ASC partner to use elements from the new ASC materials at their booth during Seafood Expo Global.
Seafood companies sue Govt over marine sanctuary proposal
New Zealand The country’s leading seafood companies have jointly filed a statement of claim in the High Court in response to the New Zealand Government’s unilateral move to establish the Kermadec Ocean Sanctuary.
China Fishery pre-selects potential buyers for Peruvian operations
Singapore China Fishery informed it has hired investment bank CITIC CLSA Securities to for it to provide advice and assistance in the sale process of its fishmeal operations in Peru.
Spaniards prove the most trustful on seafood ecolabels
Spain The results of the latest market study commissioned by the Marine Stewardship Council reveal an interest among consumers in seafood traceability.
Anchovy fishing suspended in southern Peru area
Peru The Ministry of Production suspended anchovy (Engraulis ringens) and longnose anchovy (Anchoa nasus) capture from Friday in an area of the south coast to safeguard the stock.