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Where is ‘El Niño'?

PERU | Saturday, November 28, 2015
In an interesting article published by the Institute of Aquatic Resources of Peru under the title En Busca del Niño Perdido (In Search of the Lost Child), the organization notes that "El Niño phenomenon will not take place in the Peruvian coast."


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Banks assume effective control of Nueva Pescanova
Spain | 23:50 | The board of stakeholders of Nueva Pescanova on Thursday offered its approval to the appointment of Jacobo Gonzalez Robatto as sole director of the company, with which creditor banks assume effective control of the multinational fishing firm. Full Story
Action Plan set to boost fisheries control in Lithuania
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Managing The Needs Of Customers Through Commitment To Sustainable Fisheries
Products from Lund's Fisheries are among the finest, freshest and cleanest seafood and fish products available in today's world market. Worldwide distribution of the finest fish and seafood products fresh from the source.
Seafood Excellence Global Awards Competition Announced
The new competition will now feature and recognize the best seafood products that are represented at the exposition regardless of their market introduction date.
Maritech Systems Systems AS has Acquired WiseDynamics Ltd
The Maritech-WiseDynamics amalgamation presents a unique opportunity for both parties to pool their considerable seafood software development and delivery strength and expertise, which spans decades of experience working within the seafood industry.
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Chicken of the Sea launches four new flavours that help fill the public need for affordable protein and come as the FDA ups recommended seafood consumption levels.
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