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Lobster levy delayed until spring

CANADA | Wednesday, November 26, 2014
The fisheries ministers from Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and PEI decided to delay the lobster levy scheduled to be collected before the end of the year until each province introduces legislation this spring.


IATTC emphasizes tropical tuna catch stability
Mexico | 01:40 | According to the Inter-American Tropical Tuna Commission, tropical tuna captures in the Eastern Pacific Ocean remain stable thanks to the implemented measures and the research performed. Full Story
First Italian trout farms achieve ASC certification
Italy | 00:30 | Three trout farms in the central Italian regions of Umbria and Marche were certified against the ASC Freshwater Trout Standard for responsible aquaculture. Full Story
Fish consumption intended to be risen with further sector support
Mexico | 23:50 | One of the main objectives of the Mexican Government is to raise 33.3 per cent of per capita consumption of fishery and aquaculture products in the country, ensured the head of the Secretariat of Agriculture, Livestock, Rural Development, Fisheries and Food. Full Story
Farmed Yellowtail Kingfish from Australian Clean Seas Confirmed Sustainable
Clean Seas, commercial producer of Yellowtail Kingfish with operations in the pristine waters of South Australia, has been confirmed compliant with all the strict Friend of the Sea criteria for aquaculture at sea.
Ibercisa To Suplly Deck Machinery for New Fishermen Finest's Trawler
This will be the first vessel which adheres to the energy efficiency new rules in the U.S. and Fishermen Finest has given priority to promote efficient energy use by supplying electric drive to all its deck machinery.
New Executive Structure in BioMar Group
Carlos Diaz announced a new executive structure, which will enable BioMar to strengthen further its value proposition to customers globally, as he formally took over the position as CEO in the BioMar Group.
ACG Seeks Support to Develop Aquaculture Voices Project
The Aquaculture Communications Group has launched a project to capture the experience of veteran industry members in their own words and use high definition video and the Internet to carry their messages to the global community.
New shrimp species discovered in South African waters
South Africa Researchers from the University of Cape Town have identified a tiny shrimp specimen with banded, stalked eyes, and gaudy red 'warning' colouring in South African waters.
QR code created to enhance seafood traceability
Australia Non-for-profit entity driving sustainability in the local seafood industry OceanWatch Australia has devised a unique QR code for fresh seafood in an attempt to boost traceability.
Real-time ocean acidification data provided to shellfish farmers
United States Shellfish farms and hatcheries along the Pacific US coast can now get real-time, online ocean acidification data through the Integrated Ocean Observation System.
Tuna load confiscated over banned gear issue
Brazil The Brazilian Institute of Environment and Renewable Natural Resources seized the cargo of a tuna fishing vessel docked in Natal, Rio Grande do Norte, which had been accused of having used forbidden fishing gear.