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New Niche Found at Aquaculture Taiwan Expo & Forum
(4/17/2018) - TAIWAN
Lighten Up Menus With The 'Never Been Fried' Range From Young's Foodservice
(4/16/2018) - UNITED KINGDOM
Italian Manufacturer Calabraittica Obtains Friend of the Sea Certification for Anchovy Fillets
(4/10/2018) - ITALY
Mosca Presents Stainless-steel Strapping Machines
(4/9/2018) - GERMANY
Sustainable Caribbean Cobia Comes to Seafood Expo Global 2018
(4/6/2018) - BELGIUM
First-of-Its-Kind Seafood Champion Finalist Named with FisheryProgress.org Selection
(4/4/2018) - UNITED STATES
Get Ready for Smarter Processing with Marel at SPG
(3/28/2018) - BELGIUM
THAIFEX-World of Food Asia Returns for its 15th Edition
(3/26/2018) - THAILAND
Sustainable Seafood Company Mind Fish Launches Their First Product Line
(3/22/2018) - UNITED STATES
New Zealand company SeaDragon attains Friend of the Sea certification for Omega-3 fish oil
(3/20/2018) - NEW ZEALAND
Dr. Praeger’s Launches New MSC Certified Wild Caught Alaskan Seafood Bites and Burgers
(3/19/2018) - UNITED STATES
Chicken of the Sea Unveils World’s First Deli-Ready Tuna Slices
(3/14/2018) - UNITED STATES
ACR Electronics and Ocean Signal Work with Commercial Fishing Operators
(3/13/2018) - NEW ZEALAND
Air Products Highlights Industrial Gas and Equipment Solutions for Seafood Processors at SENA
(3/8/2018) - UNITED STATES
Trans-Ocean Plans Aggressive Marketing Push for Simply Surimi
(3/7/2018) - UNITED STATES
At the Forefront of Smarter Processing with Marel at NASF
(3/5/2018) - NORWAY
Chicken of the Sea Partners with Pacifical on MSC Certified Tuna
(3/1/2018) - UNITED STATES
Maritech to Launch New Cloud-Based Seafood Software Tools
(2/27/2018) - NORWAY
Peruvian Company Colpex Attains Friend of the Sea Certification for Omega-3 Fish Oil
(2/26/2018) - PERU
Commited to Environmentally Responsible Fishing Practices
(2/21/2018) - MALDIVES

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SeaPak joins the Global Seafood Initiative platform
United States SeaPak Shrimp & Seafood Company a leading firm in the retail market of frozen shrimp in the United States, has joined the Global Sustainable Seafood Initiative platform as a funding partner.
NASCO adopts measures to protect salmon around the Faroe Islands and off West Greenland
European Union The North Atlantic Salmon Conservation Organisation has adopted new regulatory measures to protect salmon stocks around the Faroe Islands and off West Greenland.
Fishing deal with China would settle maritime dispute
Philippines A joint fishing agreement reportedly being discussed between China and the Philippines is deemed a significant step forward in the relations between the two countries after an old maritime sovereignty dispute.
China's retaliatory tariffs concern Alaska seafood entrepreneurs and legislators
United States Alaska’s seafood industry officials and legislators have expressed concern about the possible negative effects additional export tariffs from China may have on the state’s seafood economy as a retaliation due to the measures set by the American Government.