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DHL Doubles Airfreight Capacities to Support Fast Growing Norwegian Seafood Exports to Asia
(9/25/2017) - GERMANY
The Co-op Launches Sustainable Farmed Salmon Initiative
(9/21/2017) - UNITED KINGDOM
Seafood Watch Recommends B.C. Farm-Raised Atlantic Salmon as a Good Alternative
(9/19/2017) - CANADA
Alimentsa Approved to Join BioMar
(9/15/2017) - DENMARK
Bristol Bay Sockeye Fishermen Harvest 37 Million Sockeye
(9/13/2017) - UNITED STATES
Top 3 Emerging Trends to Impact the Canned Seafood Market in the Next Five Years
(9/11/2017) - UNITED KINGDOM
Aller Aqua Launches Power2
(9/7/2017) - DENMARK
World’s First MSC Certified Pearls Confirms Sustainability of Intergenerational Fishery
(9/6/2017) - AUSTRALIA
Creation Gardens Announces Acquisition of Bluefin Seafoods
(9/4/2017) - UNITED STATES
Survey Says: Americans Will Splurge on Sustainable Seafood
(8/31/2017) - UNITED STATES
Young’s Seafood Announces New Website Launch
(8/29/2017) - UNITED KINGDOM
Inaugural State of the Science Symposium Provides Forum to Outline Consensus on Seafood Nutrition
(8/28/2017) - UNITED STATES
New Mobile App Transforms Any Smartphone Into a Tool for Ocean Protection
(8/23/2017) - UNITED KINGDOM
AKVA Financial Reporting: Strong Performance in a Good Market
(8/18/2017) - NORWAY
MSC Scholarships to Help Fund Fisheries Research in East Africa and Kenya
(8/16/2017) - UNITED KINGDOM
BioMar Celebrates 10 Years of Strategic Sustainability with BioSustain
(8/15/2017) - DENMARK
SIMBA Seafood Traceability System Improves Productivity
(8/14/2017) - UNITED STATES
Gfresh Partners with JD.com to Smash Single Day Sales Record of Live Lobsters
(7/21/2017) - CHINA
Ny-Fiskur Invests in Another FleXicut System
(7/19/2017) - ICELAND
AS PRFoods Sales Revenue Increase by 34%
(7/18/2017) - ESTONIA

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Govt proposes new rule for bluefin tuna quota allocation
Spain The Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, Food and the Environment has presented the Royal Decree project that will regulate bluefin tuna fishing in Spanish waters in the coming years.
Over 700,000 smolt die at Marine Harvest’s farm
Norway Between October 13 and October 14, over 700,000 smolt died at the Marine Harvest Steinsvik fish farm outside Volda, in Møre og Romsdal county.
Port strike hits Bio Bio fishing sector
Chile It is estimated that some USD 243 million has been lost by the Bio Bío Region due to the national strike that since November 7 has been carried out by port workers.
Russian Aquaculture hopes to gather about 33.7 million in public offering
Russia Fed. Russian Aquaculture has set at between RUB 110 and RUB 140 the price range of the new shares it will list in market, with which it expects to raise up to RUB 2 billion.