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IN BRIEF - Seeing slavery in seafood supply chains

Friday, July 27, 2018

The seafood supply chain is often long and fragmented, and slavery is a tenacious problem. The vast majority of workers are engaged in the early stages of production and often employed through subcontracts or brokers. We hypothesized that food companies could identify risks and implement improvements by adding a labor safety dimension to their tracking and traceability systems. We designed a five-point framework—the Labor Safe Screen—and tested it for 118 products.

The framework combines the use of technology in existing platforms with the collection of industry data and authoritative human rights data. Eighteen food companies used three or more components of the framework and systematically documented their supply chains, engaged suppliers, and cross-checked results. The companies were able to identify areas where working conditions met minimum principles, were unknown, or were inadequate. Three companies also incorporated direct worker feedback to focus resources and improve working conditions. We conclude that food companies can effectively and efficiently assess and reduce risks of forced labor in seafood supply chains—not to claim “no slavery” but to greatly improve their awareness of the labor conditions in the making of the products they trade and to identify feasible targets for further diligence and remedies.

Source: Science Advance

IN BRIEF - Foreign trawlers costing fisheries industry MYR 6 billion every year

Friday, July 27, 2018

LABUAN - The gross value of fisheries output totalled some MYR 14bil last year, with the highest amount coming from fish catch, and the remaining shared by the aquaculture and land fisheries industries, respectively.

The fish catch output value recorded RM11bil while MYR 2.9bil was through aquaculture and land fisheries (freshwater breeding) was MYR 0.1 bil.

Agriculture and Agro-Based Industry Ministry secretary-general Datuk Munir Mohd Nawi said the fisheries industry total could have been more as the government had estimated a loss of RM6bil every year because of illegal activities by foreign boats and trawlers.

Source: The Star

IN BRIEF - Fisheries critic MP Fin Donnelly calls for land-based fish farms

Friday, July 27, 2018

NDP critic for Fisheries, Oceans and Canadian Coast Guard, MP Fin Donnelly, toured Vancouver Island in July advocating for wild salmon.

He introduced Bill C-228, which would amend the Fisheries Act by requiring B.C. salmon farms to move from open-net farms to closed containment systems.

“I believe after looking at this for almost 10 years as an elected official, that this is the best solution we have; to move these farms out of the ocean and onto land,” MP Donnelly said at a town hall event in Tofino on July 19 2018.

“I think that’s the way forward. Get these farms out of the ocean. Lower their impact on wild salmon and still keep the jobs.”

Source: The Northern View

IN BRIEF - Jefferson Parish pushing to rein in seafood imports

Friday, July 27, 2018

Foreign seafood is coming under attack in the nation's capital and, as of Wednesday (July 25 2018), in Jefferson Parish. Before a friendly audience at its annual meeting in Grand Isle, the Parish Council asked Louisiana's congressional delegation to impose a 10-cent-per-pound fee on imported seafood and outlawed misrepresentation of out-of-state seafood as being from Louisiana.

Each measure passed on a 6-0 vote - Councilwoman Jennifer Van Vrancken was absent - with supporters warning that contaminated foreign seafood is sickening consumers, driving local fishers, shrimpers and crabbers out of business and sinking local culture.

"We've got to protect Louisianians from what they eat," said. Lt. Gov. Billy Nungesser, who added that he plans to take the fee resolution to every parish council in the state.

Source: Nola

IN BRIEF - Ban On Fishing And Its Importance For Sustainable Fish Production

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Nutritionists and health experts recommend fish as a very important protein in our diet which has little or no side effects to one’s health. Aside the importance of fish in our diet, the socio economic importance such as the employment that it offers cannot be overemphasized.

Research findings have it that about 2.6 million Ghanaians representing ten percent of Ghana’s population are dependent on the fisheries sector for their livelihoods. With a marine coastline of 550 kilometers stretching from Aflao in the East to Half Assini in the West coupled with other potentials for Aquaculture in other parts of the Country it is no gain saying that Ghana has immense potential in Aquaculture.

The fishing industry in Ghana is made up of the industrialized, semi-industrialized and artisanal. The artisanal sector provides the bulk of the Nations protein requirements. It has been established that if Ghana is able to maximise its potential in the fisheries sector it stands the chance of exporting fishery products to the European market for about 128 Million EURO per year. It is however sad to note that in spite of the Nation’s potential in the fisheries sector, Ghana imports over six hundred thousand metric tonnes of fish while it produces less than four hundred thousand metric tonnes annually. Countries such as Israel, Japan, Jamaica, and Cape Verde, among others are making giant strides as a result of the attention they have given over the years to the fisheries sector.

Source: GBC Ghana

IN BRIEF - Development of fish production in Kazakhstan

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Kazakhstan is set to become one of the largest producers of sturgeons. Fish factories in Atyrau are breeding the valuable fish species for many years in order to achieve the target set by the country. Every enterprise releases seven million fish every year, thus, supporting the population and restoring the fish reserves. Over the past 20 years, they released 140 million juvenile fish into the sea.


- We are growing the fish in the water from the Ural River so that after their release into the river, they are more adapted to the environment of our rivers, and more viable in the sea water environment. As you can see, the juvenile fish is fleshy with good weight gain; therefore, they will be able to survive in such environment. The regional fish factories are currently being modernized. The modern and effective production process are the main contributors to the successful growth of sturgeons.

Source: Kazakh TV

IN BRIEF - Now FDA says no formalin in fish

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Mumbai - The five samples of fish collected by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have tested negative for formalin. The FDA had also collected water from containers in which the fish were kept to find if there were traces of the cancer-inducing chemical. However, the water samples too have tested negative.

Last week, The Hindu carried out a test drive by collecting 27 fish samples from five different markets in the city and got them tested at the Central Institute of Fisheries Education in Versova. All the samples had tested negative. The FDA’s report reiterates The Hindu’s findings.

The FDA report has also brought relief to fish lovers. “We had collected all the samples at Crawford Market, which is one of the biggest in the city. The fish supply comes from various States, including West Bengal and Kerala. None of the samples had presence of formalin,” Shailesh Adhav, joint commissioner (food), FDA, said.

Source: The Hindu

IN BRIEF - Five year plan for aquaculture farming

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Colombo - State Minister of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Development and Rural Economy, Dilip Wedaarachchi, stated that a five year development plan will be implemented to make the aquaculture cultivation one of the most foreign exchange earning industries.

State Minister Wedaarachchi has advised the National Aquaculture Development Authority (NARC) to prepare and submit the program in a timely manner.

The program to set up fish farming and fish production between Sri Lanka's two major industries has already commenced. This five year plan will be formulated in parallel with the accelerated employment and economic recovery program.

Source: Colombo Page

IN BRIEF - California King Salmon Season Reopens July 26 2018

Thursday, July 26, 2018

FOLSOM, Calif. - California's commercial salmon fishermen are thrilled to again provide some of the world's best tasting salmon – the California King Salmon! In fact, chefs, foodies and salmon lovers everywhere can again enjoy this iconic summer delicacy right from their local grocery stores, fish markets and restaurants.

After a mid-season break, commercial salmon fishermen will begin fishing again on July 26.  Prior to the scheduled June 30 closure, the catch was more than double the projection for the May-June season in the Monterey management zone. "There is a larger supply of King Salmon than was anticipated, which is great news for California consumers," said David Goldenberg, chief executive officer of the California Salmon Council.

California is traditionally a leading state for providing wild ocean run King salmon, which are caught by dedicated fishermen on barbless hooks from May through October. Featured at local grocery stores, fish markets and fine restaurants, these fresh, wild salmon are so renowned because of their firm texture and robust flavor – in addition to containing higher levels of Omega-3 fatty acids than other salmon varieties. Caught locally off California's coast, California's King salmon also provide consumers with a sustainable, responsible option.

Source: PR Newswire

IN BRIEF - SFP releases Target 75 Snapper and Grouper Sector Report

Thursday, July 26, 2018

About 8 percent of global production of snapper and grouper can be classified as sustainable or improving, and the key to improving the sector worldwide lies largely in Southeast Asia, according to the newest sector report released by Sustainable Fisheries Partnership (SFP).

The report, released today, is the latest sector report focused on SFP’s Target 75 Initiative, a global movement launched last year that sets the goal of seeing producers of 75 percent of the world’s seafood operating sustainably or improving toward sustainable production by the close of 2020.

Improving the global snapper and grouper sector will require major improvements to both fisheries and aquaculture in the industry, making it difficult for the sector to hit T75 goals in time for the 2020 deadline, the report notes.

Link to SFP’s T75 Sector Report Snapper and Grouper 2017: https://www.sustainablefish.org/Media/Files/T75-Sector-

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Pacifical makes it possible to trace MSC tuna via Ethereum platform
Netherlands Global marketing company Pacifical, in cooperation with blockchain service provider Atato, has started publishing MSC tuna sustainability certification and traceability data using the Ethereum public blockchain.
Alaska complains about Chinese seafood import steep tariffs
United States Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute is drafting a letter of complaint to be sent to the federal Government to protest its plan for steep tariffs on Chinese imports, including seafood.
New Galician trawler shows commitment to fishing vessel condition onboard
Spain The Government of Galicia defends the need to improve conditions on board ships to promote more incorporations to the fishing activity.
Lobster exports feel the impact of trade war with China
United States United States lobster exports to China, amounting to over USD 142 million last year, are expected to take a big hit after the the trade war between both countries.
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