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Alaska fisheries at risk from ocean acidification, NOAA-led study shows

UNITED STATES | Wednesday, July 30, 2014
Ocean acidification is driving changes in waters vital to Alaska’s valuable commerci...


Seattle hospital first to receive MSC certification
United States | 01:30 | Seattle-based Virginia Mason has become the first hospital in the United States to earn MSC certification for its commitment to serving seafood grown and harvested by certified, environmentally sustainable methods. Full Story
Legislators push for stricter efforts against fraudulent labelling
United States | 00:50 | A bipartisan group of lawmakers from Virginia and Maryland urged the federal administration to include fraudulent labeling of crab meat in its efforts to combat fishing and seafood fraud. Full Story
Biotechnology will help improve trout production
Mexico | 23:30 | The National Fisheries Institute developed biotechnology that will make it possible to produce rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) neo-males for the first time in the country. Full Story
Healthy and Nutritious Trout from Responsible Aquaculture
Danforel only supplies the best quality, healthy and nutritious smoked trout that has been responsibly farmed to minimise potential environmental and social impacts.
Happy Sturgeon Always Produce the Best Caviar
From fingerling stage, Exemoor Caviar sturgeon are naturally 'grown-out' in fresh natural flowing water allowing the fish the ability to grow naturally at their time frame.
Safe Food & Listeria Free Processing Seminar
As the food business sector develops so does the risk profile, Marel and Aquatic Concept Group are organising this seminar taking place at Marel's headquarters in Iceland, September 25-26.
First Nations Urge the Public to Eat More Salmon
Leading conservationists and First Nations urge the public to eat more salmon from stock-selective fisheries in an illuminating new short film narrated by Vancouver-based actor, Bruce Greenwood.
Bigeye tuna fisheries worsening, new assessments show
New Caledonia New assessments on the status of key regional tuna stocks recently released by the Secretariat of the Pacific Community show that bigeye has now been reduced to less than 20 per cent of its unfished stock size.
Jealsa has an eye on Brazil
Spain The Spanish company Jealsa Rianxeira aims to lead the canned fish sector in Brazilian territory by building a 100,000 square metre plant and generating a thousand jobs.
ASC products becoming popular in Netherlands, Germany
Netherlands ASC certified products are growing in recognition and popularity in the Dutch market, and gaining ground in Germany, according to a new report commissioned by the organisation.
More viable lobster licence reduction plan to be implemented
Canada Fisheries and Oceans Canada developed a new plan to allow Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia fishermen to hold more than one lobster licence and reduce the number of traps in the water.