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Tuna load confiscated over banned gear issue

BRAZIL | Friday, November 21, 2014
The Brazilian Institute of Environment and Renewable Natural Resources (IBAMA) seized the ...


Real-time ocean acidification data provided to shellfish farmers
United States | 23:10 | Shellfish farms and hatcheries along the Pacific US coast can now get real-time, online oc... Full Story
Latvia praised for its improvements in fisheries control
European Union | 22:40 | The European Commission has welcomed the great strides made by Latvia in addressing the sh... Full Story
Salmon sector from Magallanes expect to harvest 40,000 tonnes
Chile | 22:10 | The salmon farming industry is having a considerable impact on the economy of Chilean sout... Full Story
New Executive Structure in BioMar Group
Carlos Diaz announced a new executive structure, which will enable BioMar to strengthen further its value proposition to customers globally, as he formally took over the position as CEO in the BioMar Group.
ACG Seeks Support to Develop Aquaculture Voices Project
The Aquaculture Communications Group has launched a project to capture the experience of veteran industry members in their own words and use high definition video and the Internet to carry their messages to the global community.
SkyTruth, Oceana & Google Announce New Technology Initiative to Illuminate Global Fishing Activity
Global Fishing Watch will ultimately give citizens a simple, online platform to visualize, track and share information about fishing activity worldwide.
World Major Tuna Broker Obtains Sustainaable Certification for Purse Seine Vessels
Yellowfin and skipjack tunas from the certified vessels operating in Western Central Pacific Ocean are now authorized to carry the Friend of the Sea eco-label.
Horse mackerel fishing right case postponed
Namibia The case between several firms holding horse mackerel fishing rights and the minister of fisheries and marine resources has been postponed to February next year by a judge after hearing oral arguments.
Shipowners claim rule change on sharks
Spain The ban on onboard shark processing to separate bodies from fins, presented by the European Commission as a necessary measure to prevent finning has again been ignored, for the sixth time, by the ICCAT.
Skyrocketing profits for TUF in Q3
Thailand Thai Union Frozen Products PCL. (TUF) nearly doubled its financial results for the third quarter of 2014 with an outstanding net profit of almost USD 58.5 million.
Supertrawlers ban finishes amid complaints
Australia The ban preventing 'supertrawlers' from fishing in Australian waters comes to an end this week amid conservationists and recreational fishers’ demands for a permanent stop.