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AquaChile records loss of USD 11.7 million in the first quarter

CHILE | Friday, May 29, 2015
AquaChile reported that in the first quarter of this year its cumulative sales totaled USD...


Chilean and Russian officials discuss seafood export restrictions
Chile | 22:40 | Officials of the National Fisheries and Aquaculture Service (SERNAPESCA) of Chile and of t... Full Story
Salmon price status at week 22
Norway | 21:50 | Fresh salmon export volumes for week 21 are up 2,261 tonnes compared to last week, and up ... Full Story
Environmentally-friendly salmon and crustacean by-product use develope
United States | 04:00 | A Juneau-based business is finding new uses for Alaska Sea seafood waste by implementing environmentally sensitive processes to make products like salmon leather wallets and chitin T-shirts. Full Story
Tuna and Swordfish by Vietnamese Nha Trang Bay obtain Sustainable Certification
Tuna and swordfish from approved Friend of the Sea fleets and processed by Nha Trang Bay are now authorized to carry the Friend of the Sea eco-label.
More Than a Century of Success
The name Rizzoli Emanuelli conjures up images of a family that has always loved the sea, the origins of its maritime devotion lie all of the way back in 1898, when the first anchovy filleting and packaging company was founded in Turin.
Tidal Vision Launches Ocean By-products on Kickstarter
Tidal Vision's naturally tanned and sustainably-harvested Alaska salmon leather will launch on the crowdfunding website on 27 May as an opportunity to pre-sell their new products, as well as a means to fund the startup.
First Wireless Monitoring System for UK Scallop Dredges
The Dredgemaster, a wireless monitoring system for scallop dredges, was installed on the FV Vikingborg, small robust sensors are placed on the dredge transmitting vital information to the vessel.
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