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Artisanal fishermen bet on Pacific oyster farming

ECUADOR | Thursday, April 27, 2017
Since the beginning of this month, half a hundred artisanal fishermen from Puerto Pesquero...


Overfishing detected in Gulf of California's small-scale fisheries
United States | 01:50 | A new study suggests that more small-scale fishing boats are operating in the Gulf of California than is economically and ecologically sustainable, implying that local fishermen are spending more time and money to catch fewer fish. Full Story
Salmon price status at week 16
Norway | 01:20 | Export volumes of fresh Norwegian salmon for week 16 are up 2,865 tonnes from week 15 and down 788 tonnes from week 16, 2016, Fish Pool ASA reports. Full Story
'Plasti-eating' caterpillar could contribute to clean oceans
United Kingdom | 00:40 | Scientists have found that a caterpillar commercially bred for fishing bait has the ability to biodegrade polyethylene, frequently found clogging up landfill sites in the form of plastic shopping bags. Full Story
Skaginn 3X to Equip Pelagic Trawler
Havyard has come to an agreement with Skaginn 3X to equip a new pelagic trawler with new technology for grading, packing, freezing and palletizing the products onboard the vessel.
Wholehearted Focus on Salmon Fed with Microalgae by Lerøy
A close cooperation between Lerøy and BioMar is going to ensure that salmon farmed by Lerøy will benefit from a sustainable high level of Omega 3-DHA in the feed partly deriving from the microalgae ingredient, AlgaPrime DHA.
Marine Harvest Chooses Groundbreaking Technology to Secure Freshness
By adding the industry leading smart labelling indicator Keep-it to their products, Marine Harvest will be the first global seafood company to offer customers and consumers a tool that shows accurate and real time freshness and shelf life.
John West Australia Leads 2017 Sustainability Canned Tuna Ranking
Pacifical's partner John West ranked as #2 out of 10 brands assessed in the latest Greenpeace Canned Tuna Ranking in Australia, the ranking is based on policy against destructive fishing practices, human rights abuses, and wasteful by-catch.
China reopens market to live Irish crab
Republic of Ireland Minister of Agriculture of Ireland reached an agreement with a Chinese official on the proposed certificate to accompany consignments of crab exports to the Chinese market, which should facilitate the resumption of the crab trade between both countries.
Microplastics dumped on Atlantic shores reach the Arctic
Spain A study performed by an international team of researchers for the first time outlines the large-scale transport of microplastics from the Atlantic ocean to the Arctic, and highlights the global extent that has reached this problem in just a few decades.
Environmentalists accuse Japan of not abiding by bluefin tuna catch quotas
Japan Japan is to break its commitment as to the international Pacific bluefin tuna catch limit, undermined by lax compliance, which has worried conservationists due to the resource weak status.
Seafish presents new tool to encourage seafood ethical sourcing
United Kingdom Seafood industry authority Seafish is to launch a comprehensive online signposting tool intended to direct users to a large number of free resources that are helpful to manage social risks in seafood supply chains.