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Alagoas begins marine shrimp farming

BRAZIL | Tuesday, June 27, 2017
The state of Alagoas, in northeastern Brazil, will begin marine shrimp farming after recei...


Over 13,000 artisanal fishermen declare operations online
Chile | 02:30 | More than half of the operation declarations of the country’s artisanal fishermen are carried out online through the electronic traceability system implemented by the National Service of Fisheries and Aquaculture. Full Story
Purse seine fleet ends bluefin tuna season closes three days before cl
European Union | 02:10 | The bluefin tuna fishing season in the Western and Central Mediterranean Sea and in the Adriatic Sea ended last June 21 for the European Union purse seine fleet, three days before the official closure. Full Story
Good signals shown for Tassal's salmon fish farm waste system
Australia | 01:30 | After visiting Macquarie Harbour, Tasmania's Environment Protection Authority showed signs of being about to offer approval to Tassal’s tested waste collection system of salmon cages. Full Story
Wärtsilä 31 Main Engine to Power New Fuel Efficient Fishing Vessel
Wärtsilä has been selected to provide its Wärtsilä 31 main engine, the propulsion machinery, and the auxiliary engines for a new state-of-the-art pelagic trawler under construction at a Norwegian shipyard.
Alibaba Group Announces Strategic Cooperation with Chicken of the Sea
E-commerce leader Alibaba Group has announced strategic cooperation with Driscoll’s and Chicken of the Sea to bring U.S. food products to China, home to the world’s largest consumer market.
World's Largest Wild Salmon Run Harvest Season Opens
The projected commercial harvest of 27.5 million sockeye salmon is on target with the 10-year average for Bristol Bay – which is home to the largest wild salmon run on the planet.
FishChoice Launches New Sustainable Seafood Self-Assessment for Businesses
FishChoice.com, one of the largest sustainable seafood platforms designed for businesses, has launched its new My FishChoice Sustainable Seafood Platform, giving businesses up-to-date analysis on sustainability of their seafood.
Chinese fishing firm fined for tuna fishing illegally
New Zealand Chinese authorities have deregistered and fined a Chinese commercial fishing company approximately USD 596,000 for misreporting bluefin tuna catches and fishing without a licence adjacent to the New Zealand Exclusive Economic Zone.
Can NL cod industry be reopened in Newfoundland and Labrador?
Canada Cod is returning to Newfoundland and Labrador's coasts after the fishery collapse 25 years ago forced the capture ban in these waters.
Petroleum exploration could increase zooplankton mortality
Australia A team of researchers from Tasmania has found that the air gun signals commonly used in marine petroleum exploration had significant negative impact on the zooplankton stocks.
Micro-algae biodiesel reduces up to 80 pct high-powered engines contamination
Chile The first Chilean tests of microalgae biodiesel in high-powered diesel engines show that a reduction of gases emissions and particulate matter of up to 80 per cent can be achieved in engines like those used by Trans-Santiago buses and trucks.