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Responsible managed oceans could provide six times more food than today (Video)

ITALY | Thursday, November 21, 2019
If fisheries and aquaculture are managed sustainably, the oceans could provide more than s...


Cannery industry fear shortages of tuna for tax collection on foreign
Peru | 16:20 | The Peruvian Tuna Chamber asks the Government to respect the rules of the game with which ... Full Story
Plan to transform and improve inshore finfish fisheries management
New Zealand | 16:00 | Fisheries New Zealand has begun public consultation on a new Draft National Inshore Finfis... Full Story
Parliament receives pan-European petition to stop open net fish farmin
Iceland | 07:40 | Around 180,000 people from all over Europe have signed a call for the Icelandic authoritie... Full Story
Rianxeira Launches New Line of Sustainable Canned Tuna
Spanish company Grupo Jealsa Rianxeira is taking great strides in its commitment to sustainability and has recently launched a new line of 100% sustainable canned tuna.
HiSea Project to Launch the First Prototype of a High-Resolution System Providing Data on Sea Water Quality
The first prototype platform providing high resolution data of sea water quality will be revealed at the project's General Assembly scheduled to take place in Nice, France on November 25-26, 2019.
Fishing Companies Donate Millions to New Kongsberg Fishery Simulator in Greenland
Nine commercial fishery companies have donated in total DKK 3.2 million (USD 470.000) to Danish training institute, the Greenland Maritime Center, for investment in a state-of-the-art K-Sim Fishery simulator from Kongsberg Digital.
Australian Seafood Companies Make a Splash in Silicon Valley
Seven Australian seafood companies battled their way past fierce global competition for the opportunity to pitch to investors at a competitive Silicon Valley pitch session - the Fish 2.0 Global Innovators Forum.
Pirates in the Gulf of Mexico pretend to be fishermen and surprise their victims
Mexico The average monthly robbery in this year is 16, while in 2018 it was 144 cases, while in 2017 there were only 48 incidents Insecurity in Mexico has already reached sea levels. The assault this week o...
You don't eat black headed shrimp? Experts set out the reason for the 'black change': eat calmly
Taiwan When winter comes, the hot pot is more popular with the public, and meat and seafood are basic. It is only the shrimp that everyone puts most commonly in this country. Recently, the Internet has begun...
First Falklands' fishing company signs the 51% Joint Venture shareholding under the new ITQ criteria
Falkland Is. Ahead of the Falkland Islands Government Executive Committee decision recently setting out new criteria for Individual Transferable Quota (ITQ) extensions from 2021 to 2046 Beauchene Fishing Co Ltd an...
Fisheries industry seems part of Kim's drive to build economic independence
Korea D. People's R. North Korean state media released on Tuesday a report detailing a recent visit by leader Kim Jong-un to two fisheries, apparently underlining Kim's desire for economic independence. The visit is no...