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International Congress of Organizations of Fisheries Producers in Vigo

SPAIN | Monday, September 16, 2019
Galicia, Andalusia and the Basque Country demonstrate their fishing leadership in the Firs...


More than 20 illegal tons of hake sezed in nine Peruvian regions
Peru | 00:00 | The General Directorate of Supervision, Supervision and Sanction of the Ministry of Produc... Full Story
LACQUA19 - San Jose Cota Rica - organised by the Latin American & Cari
Costa Rica | 22:00 | LACQUA19 brings new news for all its attendees We want to present the list of sessions an... Full Story
Weekly movements of fishmeal and fish oil (Norway, China, Peru) Week 3
Worldwide | 23:50 | Through week 36,  550,311 tonnes of fish were destined for reduction at an average pr... Full Story
“Women in Seafood” Video Competition: A great Success of the Third Edition
For its third edition the Women in the Seafood Industry video competition 2019 has hit a record with 32 entries from 14 countries, a 88 percent increase compared to 2018.
New Research Vessel Choose Scantrol AHC and iSYM Autotrawl
The new Swedish oceangoing research vessel R/V Svea is fully equipped with Scantrol control systems for ­­­­the electrical Ibercisa trawl and research winches onboard.
FISA Introduces its Twisted Knotless “Muketsu” Netting to Japanese Market
Fibras Industriales S.A. has taken another leap in its international growth by introducing its Twisted Knotless “Muketsu” Netting to the Japanese Market during the International Technology Expo held in Tokyo.
Aldi to Scrap Plastic Sleeves on Tinned Tuna Packaging
Aldi is set to become the first UK supermarket to scrap plastic packaging sleeves on multipacks of tinned tuna, the move will potentially save over 11 tonnes of plastic annually.
Chilean and Uruguayan researchers will evaluate vulnerability of pink shrimp to climate change
Uruguay The Eastern Regional University Center (CURE, Uruguay) and the Interdisciplinary Center for Aquaculture Research (INCAR, Chile) will jointly develop a project to assess the vulnerability of pink shrim...
Vietnam has huge potential for ocean aquaculture, but proper government policies needed (Video)
Viet Nam Viet Nam has a huge potential for ocean aquaculture but the lack of a proper development plan, preferential policies and application of high technology has hindered its development. The country has...
Government waives tariffs on US shrimp for first time since the trade war began
China The Chinese government issued tariff exemptions for 16 products for the first time since the start of commercial hostilities between the two countries. HONG KONG - CNN inform that China has just exem...
'Unfair' fee discourages tuna processing and fishing industry
Papua New Guinea The domestic tuna processing and fishing industry is not happy that they are paying the same vessel day scheme (VDS) fee as distant water fishing nations at USD 10,500 (PGK 35,713) per day. PNG Fis...