Andreas Winter

Andreas Winter
Stock Assessment Scientist
email: awinter ‘at’

work:    +500 27260
fax:       +500 27265

Research Interests

Population biology and stock assessment of marine finfish.

Background and Qualifications

Andreas obtained a M.Sc. in biology at the University of Windsor, Ontario, and worked for several years as an observer in the Alaska commercial fisheries. He then completed a Ph.D. in fishery science at the University of Washington in Seattle. His research there focused on the inter-annual variations of juvenile pollock in the eastern Bering Sea. Andreas returned to Alaska to work at the Fishery Industrial Technology Center in Kodiak, on projects that included evaluating experimental nets for live-capture of fish, and studying the relationships between Steller sea lions and their prey distributions. More recently he was employed at Virginia Tech University to investigate abundance estimates of Lake Erie walleye, Atlantic coast weakfish, and seabird mortalities in longline fisheries. Since joining the Falkland Islands Fisheries Department he has been involved in the stock assessment of Loligo squid and the analyses of survey data.



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  • Winter, A., Coyle, K., Swartzman, G. 2007. Variations in age-0 pollock distribution among eastern Bering Sea nursery areas: A comparative study through acoustic indices. Deep-Sea Research II 54: 2869 - 2884.
  • Winter, A., Foy, R., Trussell, M. 2007. Factors influencing the mortality of tagged walleye pollock captured using a trawl net. Final Report to the North Pacific Research Board, 23 pp.
  • Winter, A., Swartzman, G. 2006. Interannual changes in distribution of age-0 walleye pollock near the Pribilof Islands, Alaska, with reference to the prediction of pollock year-class strength. ICES Journal of Marine Science 63: 1118 – 1135.
  • Swartzman, G., Winter, A., Coyle, K., Brodeur, R., Buckley, T., Ciannelli, L., Hunt, G., Ianelli, J., Macklin, A. 2005. Relationship of age-0 pollock abundance and distribution around the Pribilof Islands, with other shelf regions of the eastern Bering Sea. Fisheries Research 74: 273 – 287.
  • Winter, A., Swartzman, G., Ciannelli, L. 2005. Early- to late-summer population growth and prey consumption by age-0 pollock, in two years of contrasting pollock abundance near the Pribilof Islands, Bering Sea. Fisheries Oceanography 14: 307 – 320.
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