John  Barton

John Barton
Director of Fisheries
Falkland Islands Government
Fisheries Department

The Department of Natural Resources, incorporating Agriculture and Fisheries, came into being on 1 October 2009. I have been fortunate enough to be appointed the first Director. 

Most of you will know that I have spent most of my career to date dealing with fish and fisheries. Agriculture will be a new experience, although as an ex-resident of Teal Inlet, I do have some experience of Camp. In the days when I attended Darwin Boarding School there was pretty much a full Beaver aircraft of pupils from TI alone. So that ‘dates’ me and you will recognise that it is quite some time since I spent a full day in a wool shed. Despite that, I have been employed by FIG for what now seems quite a long time. One of the advantages of that is that I have a passing familiarity with many of the issues which affect the camp community.