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CH4 Global Announces USD $3M Seed Round Funding with a Mission to Urgently Impact Climate Change
(9/6/2020) - UNITED STATES
FDA Trains AI to Sniff Out Bad Seafood
(9/4/2020) - UNITED STATES
Vital Pet Life Raises Bar On Competition By Announcing Their Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil Is Now Certified Sustainable
(8/15/2020) - UNITED STATES
S2G Ventures Launches Oceans and Seafood Strategy
(8/13/2020) - UNITED STATES
Friend of the Sea Certifies for Sustainable Seafood Production Freshé brand and EcoFish
(8/11/2020) - UNITED STATES
Sturgeon Aquafarms and Marky's Begin Selling Domestic, Genuine Beluga Caviar
(8/10/2020) - UNITED STATES
Food Lion Announces New Sustainability Policies Bolstering Product Labeling and Animal Welfare
(8/6/2020) - UNITED STATES
Breakthrough for Pet Health and Sustainability
(8/5/2020) - NETHERLANDS
Regal King Salmon from New Zealand Launches Wood Roasted Salmon in U.S.
(8/2/2020) - NEW ZEALAND
Mary Kay Inc. Expands Partnership with The Nature Conservancy to Protect Waterways Across the Globe
(7/30/2020) - UNITED STATES
NaturalShrimp, Inc.: La Coste, Texas Construction Update
(7/28/2020) - UNITED STATES
Einhamar Seafood to Install the FleXicut System
(7/27/2020) - ICELAND
StarKist® 'Heats Up' With New StarKist Creations Microwavables®
(7/24/2020) - UNITED STATES
Specialists in Fish and Seafood Packaging
(7/20/2020) - SPAIN
Blockchain Technologies in the Seafood Industry can Reduce Fish Loss and IUU Fishing
(7/18/2020) - UNITED KINGDOM
Wild Planet: Plenty of Fish in the Sea But Species Matters
(7/16/2020) - UNITED STATES
Brixham Trawler Agents Celebrates First Birthday of the KOSMOS Auction System
(7/14/2020) - UNITED KINGDOM
From Farm to Fork – How Can Fish Slaughter Become More Humane?
(7/12/2020) - UNITED KINGDOM
Smurfit Kappa Replaces EPS Frozen Food Packaging with Sustainable Paper-based Alternative
BioMar and Bio Feeder Announce Environmentally Friendly Boat
(7/7/2020) - NORWAY

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COVID-19 crisis: 440 foreign fishermen in isolation, 110 are due to work on Sealord boats
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