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Monday, July 06, 2015, 00:00 (GMT + 9)

Pelagia AS is a leading producer of pelagic fish products for human consumption, and an important supplier of essential ingredients in all kinds of fish- and animal feed; protein concentrate, fishmeal, and fish oil.

Norway Pelagic AS, Egersund Fisk AS, and Welcon Invest AS, merged in 2014 and became Pelagia. Pelagia thereof got two major divisions, Food (fish for consumption) and Feed (protein concentrate, fishmeal and fish oil), as Norway Pelagic and Egersund Fisk were leading producers of pelagic fish for consumption, and Welcon were a leading producer of protein concentrate, fish meal and oil.

Pelagia Bodø Sildoljefabrikk, Meal and Oil production, Production capacity: 800 tons/day.

The company operates 26 factories in Norway, United Kingdom, Ireland, and Denmark. Twenty-three of the factories are 100% owned, while three are partly owned associates, and the operation is divided into two divisions; Food (consumption) and Feed (protein concentrate, fishmeal and fish oil).

Pelagia Egersund Sildoljefabrikk, Meal and Oil production, Production capacity: 1,500 tons/day.

The Food division exports close to 100% of its products, while Feed’s products are mainly sold in the domestic market as essential ingredients in fish- and animal feed production. It is therefore right to say that close to 100% of the wild pelagic fish is utilized, and ends up at someone's table, some day, either directly or indirectly.

Pelagia Florø, is a modern plant with a large fillet capacity. This facility has 13 fillet machines. The plant is equipped to produce vacuum packs of fillet and flaps. This plant produces mackerel, herring, horse mackerel, blue whiting, capelin, herring roe and capelin roe. Production capacity: 600 tons/day, Storage capacity: 10,000 tons.

The Feed division’s core business is production of fishmeal, protein concentrates and fish oil in Norway, UK and Ireland. Pelagia Feed have seven production facilities for fishmeal and fish oil, and three facilities for production of protein concentrates and oil. In addition, Pelagia feed has a facility with significant storage capacity in Egersund approved as a border station for importation of protein and oils from third countries. Pelagia Feed employs 209 people full-time equivalents, and is led by Arnt-Ove Hoddevik.

Pelagia Måløy Sildoljefabrikk. Herring, capelin and blue whiting are the key species for this factory operating all year depending on the fisheries. Måløy can process up to 1,500 tons of raw material per day. The storage capacities are 19,000 tons of fish meal, including Ulvesund storage, and 3,900 tons of fish oil. Måløy is aproved by Debio for production of organic fish meal and fish oil.

Pelagia Food is engaged in landing, refining and sale of pelagic fish for human consumption and has 14 production facilities in

Norway, from Honningsvåg in the north to Egersund in the south. In addition, Pelagia Food has Production facility for refining and marinating in Skagen, Denmark, and owns 50 per cent of a production facility in Shetland. In Ukraine, Pelagia is engaged in wholesale through its partly owned companies Egersund Ukraine LLC and Moreproducts LLC. Pelagia Food employs 500 people full-time equivalents, and is led by Egil Mgne Haugstad.

About Pelagia AS

Pelagia AS is a leading producer of frozen pelagic products, fish meal and fish oil in the North Atlantic area. Pelagia was established in 2014 through a merger of Egersund Fisk, Welcon and Norway Pelagic.

Pelagia AS is a leading producer of frozen pelagic products, fish meal and fish oil in the North Atlantic area.

The company operates a total of 26 factories in the North Atlantic region; 19 in Norway, 2 in United Kingdom, 1 in Ireland, 1 in Denmark, and 3 associated factories in the region. In addition Pelagia owns 50% of Nordsilmel which is a significant player within trading and logistics of marine feed ingredients.

Pelagia Træna is located in the middle of the long Norwegian Coast, giving access to diverse fish species. The products at this plant are based on NVG herring, capelin, silver smelt, mackerel and saithe, packed as whole round fish or fileted in different sizes and cuts. The factory produces herring and capelin roe in February/March. With its 80,000 yearly capacity, Pelagia Træna is one of the largest plants in the industry.

Source: Pelagia AS

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