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IN BRIEF - Operationalize Fisheries Patrol Vessel Donated by Government of Wales

Saturday, February 08, 2020

Monrovia – British Ambassador to Liberia, David Belgrove and First Lady Clar Weah were on hand Thursday as the National Fisheries and Aquaculture Authority officially launched the Fisheries Patrol Boat recently donated by the government of Wales.

Director-General Emma Metieh Glassco declared that the Fisheries Authority through the Liberia National Coast Guard, is now well-equipped to combat illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing activities on Liberian waters.

Trumpeting the launch, Ambassador Belgrove said : “It is wonderful to see the FPV Lonestar in operation. This vessel which was donated by the Government and people of Wales will enable the Government of Liberia to patrol the length of their coastline for the first time. I congratulate all those involved”.

The donation was facilitated by the Welsh Government’s “Wales for Africa” team following talks with the World Bank Fisheries Department, the EU Fisheries Team and Liberian fisheries institutions.

Source:  frontpageafricaonline.com

IN BRIEF - AKVA Group loss in Q4 is significant

Friday, February 07, 2020

AKVA group ASA (AKVA) issued a stock exchange notice 20 January 2020, which included information about the preliminary EBIT for Q4 to be in the range of minus 25 MNOK to minus 30 MNOK.

During the finalization of year-end reporting for AKVA’s two subsidiaries in the Land Based segment in Denmark, it has been uncovered serious breaches of company policies within project follow up and project accounting. Significant losses in projects have not been reflected in the P&L before reporting to AKVA’s headquarters, thus overstating the results. The consequence when correcting the results is additional losses of around 70 MNOK. After this the expected EBIT for Q4 is below minus 100 MNOK and for the full year 2019 the expectation is an EBIT of around 60 MNOK.

The loss in Q4 is significant, still AKVA is in a solid financial position with sound financing, reasonable leverage, solid equity, available cash and strategic long term majority owners.

The underlying causes of the losses is amongst others due to cost overruns in projects. An external review is about to be started to evaluate and identify gaps in competence, and then strengthen the organization. Further, a review has been conducted to benchmark the order book with regards to margin expectations. The conclusion is that it is reasonable to assume normal margins in the projects currently in the order book, which includes amongst others larger orders for RAS facilities in Norway and internationally.

The fourth quarter results will be presented at Bryggegata 9, Oslo, 10:00 February 14th.

IN BRIEF - Goodada press release: Update on the Coronavirus!

Friday, February 07, 2020

Here is an update on the current situation in China in relation to the Coronavirus, how it will affect supply chains in China and trade:

  •  As of today, the number of confirmed cases has reached over 25,000 with 565 deaths reported.
  • The Chinese government has instructed most businesses, including manufacturers to remain closed.
  • At the moment, everything is expecting to be closed until the end of February and the epicentre Wuhan is expected to be closed until May.
  • There is now major travel restrictions imposed across the country with long distance buses and trains being cancelled or restricted.
  • Most daily life events such as schools and sporting events have been curtailed. There are road blocks placed at the entrances into most housing complexes and visitors are not welcome.
  • Wuhan (Hubei Province) is identified as the center of the outbreak and will remain under quarantine as the government continues with containment efforts.
  • An increasing number of countries are now restricting visitors from this area, or China in general. More than 25 countries have confirmed coronavirus cases.

The status of Goodada operations in China right now:

  • Our office block in Qingdao has been quarantined as there are records of two people from Wuhan who work in the block. Our staff are not allowed to enter the building. So our key members are working from home.
  • A lot of Chinese government officials across the various agencies have not been home to their families since the outbreak. This indicates that the government is treating this issue very seriously and bringing every resource to the table so as to try and deal with the matter.

Supply chains may be affected but by how much time will depend on when the virus peaks and when the authorities start to feel comfortable that it has been contained.

How your supply chain may be affected could be in the following areas:

  1. Some seafood markets are now restricted/closed.
  2. Due to travel restrictions across the country, seafood markets may be unable to open as staff are not allowed to return back to work.
  3. Due to travel restrictions, r

IN BRIEF - Agreement between SOMU and CAPA clears conflict in squid fishing season

Friday, February 07, 2020

The parties agreed to a 150% increase in the value of the ton of whole squid, until March 2021, and an update in three sections of the basics. On Monday the mandatory conciliation had expired.
After 72 hours of having expired the mandatory conciliation and having held frantic meetings at the request of the Ministry of Labor of the Nation, finally there was agreement between the SOMU and CAPA for the salary update for the crew of the power fleet.
This Wednesday, after 18, the parties agreed to set the value of the ton of whole squid at 250 pesos and 450 pesos for the ton of pod, until November 30 of the current, when the parties will sit down to negotiate.
The employer and the union also signed an increase in the staggered basic: 16 thousand pesos from January, 20 thousand pesos from July 1 and 24 thousand pesos from December 1 of the current year.
Author: Roberto Garrone / Revista Puerto | Full story here (spanish only)

IN BRIEF - Scottish seafood leaders to innovate and act for prosperous, sustainable fisheries

Friday, February 07, 2020

2020’s Scottish Fishing Conference, delivered by Fisheries Innovation Scotland, will take the temperature of innovation in the fishing industry, spark new conversations, and identify projects to release the un-tapped potential in Scotland’s seafood sector. 

6th February 2020 - Fisheries Innovation Scotland’s announcement of the Scottish Fishing Conference 2020, and its focus – ‘from innovation to action’ – has been welcomed by Cabinet Secretary for the Rural Economy, Fergus Ewing MSP. Mr Ewing remarked: “Innovation is key to ensuring a prosperous, sustainable fishing sector in the future and in particular, to help the industry play its part in tackling climate change and in enhancing our marine environment. Scotland’s highly productive seas are the fourth largest in the EU, and it’s important that we find more ways to work together to maintain and enhance our seas for future generations. The Fisheries Innovation Scotland conference offers us all an opportunity to come together and do just that.” 

Fisheries Innovation Scotland (FIS) has opened registrations for the significant two-day conference, to be held in St Andrews University on the 1st and 2nd July 2020.  

For any questions about the Scottish Fishing Conference, ideas or comments, please contact Mindfully Wired Communications:

IN BRIEF - Balfegó Group offers containers to fishermen for dead tunas

Thursday, February 06, 2020

L'Ametlla de Mar (Tarragona), (EFE) .- The Balfegó tuna group has offered containers to the fishermen's associations to deposit the hundreds of dead tunas that have appeared on the coast of the Lands of the Ebro.

According to a press release, the company began collecting dead copies "a few hours after the end of the temporary Gloria" and now they are "on the last leg of the operation."

They assure that the most complex section is Punta de la Banya (Sant Carles de la Ràpita), a complicated access area and where some 200 dead tunas were found, so the company is defining the best way to get to the place,  says in the note.

IN BRIEF - Fishing in the Brexit era: What to expect as the UK tries to secure a greater share in Brussels

Thursday, February 06, 2020

The UK's fishing industry has been a powerful symbol for Brexit supporters since before the referendum. Few will be able to forget, try as they might, Nigel Farage storming up the Thames, fishing boats in tow.

While fisheries amount to just 0.12 per cent of the UK economy, Vote Leave's "Taking back control of our seas" made for a punchy strap-line. The trade is abundantly visible, despite its small size, and its implied links to historical British naval supremacy were politically potent for the Leave campaign.

But as in many areas that will come to dominate the Brexit negotiations over at least the next year, the fishing industry is also deeply complex. The external pressures on the industry - the sustainability of cod and where it actually is in 2020; and tensions inside it between fishers and fish processors - mean many in the sector don't believe any semblance of a workable deal will be struck in Brussels before the 11 month transition ends.(continue)

Author: Josh Barrie/inews.co.uk | Read full story here

IN BRIEF - Oslo to face legal action over new salmon map

Thursday, February 06, 2020

THE Norwegian government is expected to face legal challenges to its new salmon farming traffic light scheme from companies caught up in the red zones, it has emerged.

Up to 140 businesses in the two red areas will be forced to cut back on production by up to six per cent or around 9,000 tonnes.

Oslo has said it is bringing in the measures because of the lice threat to salmon stocks. But it is emphasising that large parts of Norway have been placed in green or growth areas which will lead to a net increase in production of around 23,000 tonnes.

However, a number of companies are far from happy and are reported to be consulting lawyers.

Author: Vince McDonagh/fishfarmermagazine.com | Read full article here

IN BRIEF - Dani Group invests more than 3 million euros in production processes

Wednesday, February 05, 2020

The family company specializing in the production and distribution of preserves and spices, Dani Group, has invested more than 3 million euros in the improvement and implementation of new production processes during the 2018-2019 season.

In this period, the company has begun a new investment cycle to continue promoting the development of its basic growth levers such as the commitment to quality, innovation and internationalization. Investments initiated in the 2018-2019 season, which add up to 13 million euros in the previous 4 years, include improvements in the production centers in Chile, the United Kingdom and Spain.

At the Chile plant, it will launch a second frozen mussel line and build a cold storage chamber with a capacity of 1,000 tons of storage

Dani has been present in Chile since 1989, where he began his internationalization with the opening of his own canned and frozen fish and shellfish production plant. Precisely this plant has become one of the main investor destinations of the company, which in this new cycle will launch a second frozen mussel line and build a cold storage chamber with a capacity of 1,000 tons of storage.

The second destination of the Group's investment plan is the two factories dedicated to the elaboration of cockle that it has in the United Kingdom in which it will invest about 800,000 euros.

IN BRIEF - Illegal industrial fishing hampers small-scale African fisheries

Wednesday, February 05, 2020

  • A new analysis shows that industrial fishing fleets operating in the waters of African countries and territories spend an average of nearly 6% of their fishing effort inside zones set aside for small-scale fisheries.
  • In some countries, foreign fleets spend the bulk of their time — more than 90% in Somalia, for example — within the prohibited zone.
  • Communities along Africa’s coasts are often dependent on fish as a source of food and protein.
  • But incursions by large-scale fishing vessels, called “the most common form of illegal fishing in the region,” can threaten the sustainability of the resource, create conflict over it, and endanger the lives of fishers themselves.

Fish are an indispensable source of food and protein for communities in many African countries. But the growth in industrial-scale fishing fleets around the continent has put that resource and the livelihoods it supports at risk, according to a recent analysis.

Author:  John C. Cannon/news.mongabay.com | Read full story here

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