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Other Media | SalmonBusiness: Danish government says it is not supporting any further growth in sea-based aquaculture: 'Simply out of environmental..

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Authorities have launched a EUR 5.3 million subsidies scheme to encourage fish farms investments in new environmental technologies.

Last month, it was reported that Denmark’s Environment Minister Lea Wermelin is putting forward two new bills that will put “an end to the expansion of marine production”.

Land-based fish farms
The new law, expected to enter into force on 1 January, will halt increases in the country’s rainbow trout production

Author: Owen Evans/ SalmonBusiness | Read the full article here

Other Media | fishfarmingexpert: Chile budgets for enhanced salmon inspection regime

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Chile’s government aquaculture agency, Sernapesca, has been given an increased budget of almost 33.2 billion pesos (£32.8 million) for 2021, enabling it to enhance salmon farm inspections.

In addition to creating a centre for remote monitoring of fish farming sites, Sernapesca hopes to have more of its own vessels to monitor aquaculture in the Magallanes region.

“We feel very fortunate with the budget approved by Dipres (Chilean government budget office), as it allows us to maintain our operation and focus on issues of greater impact for sustainability,”

Author: Jonathan Garcés / fishfarmingexpert | Read the full article here

Other Media | Fish Farmer: Norcod says its cod harvest is on track

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Norcod, Norway’s largest cod farmer, has reported a third quarter operating profit in its first production cycle, but a small pre-tax loss.
The company farms cod in its natural habitat off the coast of central Norway and has so far produced 1.7 million fish, spread over two locations. For Q3 its operating profit was NOK 1.1 million although after financial expenses, earnings after tax showed a loss of NOK 5.4 million.
After several rounds of fundraising the group’s equity went up by NOK 14.1 million between the end of 2019 and the close of Q3 this year. Its stock commenced trading on the Oslo Stock Exchange’s Merkur market in October.

Author: Robert Outram / Fish Farmer | Read the full article

Other Media | FiskerForum: New Legislation Framework For UK Fisheries

Monday, November 16, 2020

The Fisheries Bill, the first piece of primary legislation in the UK focusing on fisheries, has crossed the final hurdle of its long journey that has spanned one general election and two government administrations. Soon the Bill will be signed by the Queen, and it will become the Fisheries Act 2000.

It hasn’t been an easy process as the Bill has gone through various stages of scrutiny in the House of Commons and the House of Lords. At the final stage the Lords accepted the amendments MPs had made to the Bill and added no further amendments.

The NFFO, representing much of the English fishing sector, appears satisfied with the Bill as is has been passed and sees it as being close to the original proposals the government has put forward.

Author: Quentn Bates / FiskerForum | Read the full article

IN BRIEF - Scottish Fish Farm Production Survey 2019

Saturday, November 14, 2020

An Official Statistics Publication for Scotland.


Marine Scotland Science today published the Scottish Fish Farm Production Survey 2019. The publication details statistics on the employment and production from Scottish fish farms. It is structured to follow industry trends within the farmed Atlantic salmon, rainbow trout and other species sectors. Some statistics are given for the 21-year period 1999-2019.

The main findings are;

  • In 2019, production of Atlantic salmon increased by 47,856 tonnes (30.7%) to 203,881 tonnes. This is the highest ever level of production recorded in Scotland
  • The total number of smolts produced in 2019 increased by 4.3 million (9%) to 51.4 million, this is the highest annual smolt production recorded in Scotland
  • Production tonnage of rainbow trout increased by 15% in 2019 to 7,405 tonnes
  • Brown and sea trout production increased from 20 tonnes in 2018 to 25 tonnes in 2019
  • The total number of staff employed in marine salmon production during 2019 increased by 185 to 1,651 staff

The survey is compiled from data collected directly from authorised fish farming businesses. The full statistical publication for 2019 can be accessed.

Official statistics are produced in accordance with the Code of Practice for Statistics.

Otros Medios | Industrias Pesqueras: Oceana critica que la nueva Ley de Pesca de Reino Unido permitirá que la sobrepesca continúe

Saturday, November 14, 2020

El proyecto de Ley de Pesca de Reino Unido concluyó ayer en el Parlamento británico su trámite legislativo “mientras las esperanzas de que el Reino Unido lidere el camino hacia la pesca sostenible se desvanecen”, asegura la ONG Oceana en un comunicado. El documento legal incluye “un escaso compromiso legal para pescar de manera sostenible”, a pesar de haber sido “muy elogiado” por los ministros como la oportunidad del Reino Unido para mostrar “la gestión pesquera ‘estándar de oro’ como estado costero independiente después del ‘brexit’”. Oceana critica a los ministros “que se han inclinado ante la presión de la industria pesquera para permitir que continúe la sobrepesca, en lugar de establecer obligaciones legales para poner fin a la sobrepesca”.

Fuente: Industrias Pesqueras | Lea el articulo completo aqui


Other Media | fishfarmingexpert: Breathable skirt ‘cut lice by 60%' at Mowi site

Saturday, November 14, 2020

A new model of lice skirt trialled at a Mowi Chile salmon farm reduced the number of parasites by between 55-60% and halved the bath treatments required in a 13-month production cycle.

Vayu Garware, president of net, fabric and rope supplier Garware Technical Fibres, presented the results achieved with the X12 skirt during a webinar.

Author: Francisco Soto / fishfarmingexpert | Read the full article here

IN BRIEF - Herring fishery to slow down for rest of 2020

Friday, November 13, 2020

ROCKLAND, Maine (AP) — The New England herring fishery is slowing down for the rest of the year because fishermen are approaching their quota for the fish.

Fishermen will be unable to fish for or possess more than 2,000 pounds of herring per trip in the inshore Gulf of Maine until Dec. 31, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has ruled. The rules went into effect on Wednesday.

Herring are the subject of a large fishery on the East Coast, but the industry has struggled in recent years due to a decline in population. Fishermen caught less than 25 million pounds of the fish last year after catching more than 96 million pounds during the previous year.

IN BRIEF - Longline-processor 'Marlin' launched

Friday, November 13, 2020

At the Severnaya Verf shipyard in St. Petersburg, the launching ceremony of the MT1112XL longliner processor Marlin, commissioned by Globus LLC, founded by a partnership of fishing collective farms of the Arkhangelsk Region, took place.

The solemn event was attended by Deputy Minister of Agriculture of the Russian Federation - Head of the Federal Agency for Fisheries Ilya Shestakov, Governor of St. director of the shipyard "Severnaya Verf" Igor Orlov, representatives of the customer company

“The program for the most powerful renewal of the fishing fleet became possible thanks to the decision of the President of the Russian Federation, who signed the law “Quotas in exchange for investments ”. Thanks to this law, 53 new fishing vessels are currently being built at domestic shipyards. I want to thank everyone for the fact that, despite the lack of confidence in the competencies of our shipyards, you showed by your work that everything is possible, ”Ilya Shestakov said in his speech.

The “Marlin” is designed for longline fishing - the safest for the aquatic ecosystem, having a minimal impact on the seabed and allowing you to fish strictly specific species of fish without damaging other types of aquatic biological resources, while preserving the food base and juvenile fish. The longline vessel will be equipped with a modern fish processing plant capable of handling the catch and producing various types of frozen fillets, as well as canned liver and cod roe.

Marlin targets cod, haddock, catfish, halibut, perch, ruff and flounder in the North, Norwegian and Barents seas.

Other Media | SeafoodSource: Richard Stavis stepping down from Stavis Seafoods to form consultancy

Friday, November 13, 2020

Stavis Seafoods Chief Sustainability Officer Richard Stavis has announced that he will be moving on from the Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.A.-based company by January 2021.

In a LinkedIn post detailing his decision, Stavis said he planned to leave the firm in the new year to “help others to achieve their growth and sustainability goals” in a consultancy capacity. Following his departure, Stavis will be “available electronically worldwide,” he said, and will “travel for select projects.”

Before moving into the role of CSO in 2018 following the company’s acquisition by Spain’s Grupo Profand, Stavis served as CEO for the North American seafood distributor for more than 20 years. 

Author: Madelyn Kearns / SeafoodSource | Read the full article here

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