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With this policy, Argentina will not regain sovereignty in the Malvinas and the South Atlantic

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Thursday, January 21, 2021, 09:00 (GMT + 9)

Some Argentines were surprised these days with the communication that Galician fishermen were preparing to leave for the Malvinas to catch about 45 thousand tons of squid. Surely, the "outraged" Argentine Foreign Ministry will have done what it does (copy and paste) every year: "claim angrily for this fishing in our territory." And the illegal British government in the Malvinas "very concerned" reacts by announcing the granting of fishing licenses for 25 years. The truth is that while we continue to tell 'Galician jokes', they, from 1982 to date, take, associated with the British and together with Koreans and Taiwanese about 250 thousand tons per year of Malvinas fish and squid for an estimated annual value of one thousand million dollars, that is about 38 billion dollars in the last 38 years.
And i ask myself:
Does any Argentine doubt that the Falklands are Argentine and therefore part of their national territory?
Who are responsible for the fact that while in 1982 the United Kingdom occupied 11,410 km2, today it occupies 1.6 million km2 of an Argentine maritime territory vastly richer than the archipelagos?
Who are responsible for the fact that since 1982 to date no company that fishes in Malvinas has paid any fine, despite doing so without complying with current Argentine legislation, when whoever catches without authorization should be penalized throughout the national territory?
Who are responsible for the fact that all the products extracted since 1982 from the Malvinas area destined for the European Union and other countries have not paid export customs duties with the consequent classification of smuggling of these operations?
Who are responsible for the lack of Agreements with Uruguay to end the refuge of illegal South Atlantic fishing in its ports?
Who are responsible for the fact that the Argentine State has not claimed economic compensation from the fishing companies for the illegal extraction of fishing resources in the Malvinas since 1982 to date in the order of 38 billion dollars, without computing interest, lost chance and payment of rights?
The successive Ministers of Foreign Relations should render an account of it, from 1982 to date; the Ministers of Agriculture and Livestock; the Malvinas secretaries; the undersecretaries of Fisheries; the Administrators of AFIP and Customs, among others, for the appropriation of land and fishing resources by the British in the Malvinas and their partners, the Spanish fishing companies, their joint ventures with the British, etc. Officials cited for their inaction or action manifestly contrary to national interests have impeded national growth; generating poverty, indigence, loss of health, education, housing and inequality among Argentines and, by the way, even in 2021 we are as demalvinized as in 1983 and, almost 39 years after the Malvinas war, with a very serious loss of national sovereignty in the South Atlantic and the territories of the Patagonian sea coast, with its implications in the Río de la Plata and the Paraná-Paraguay waterway.

A few days after the 39th anniversary of the recovery of the Malvinas, there are the Argentines who gave their lives, the wounded and those who fought to recover this important part of our national territory; the officials who hide behind the curtains and those who believe that the way forward is another.
So, it was because of the isolation from the world; economic dependency; the Conventions, Agreements and Treaties that tied the government hand and foot and, now, together with all this, under the pretext of the coronavirus (what a coincidence the name) officials cannot think of anything other than this pandemic and, they are prevented from coming together and elaborating a strategy, which they pompously call "State Policies", but which to elaborate them (?) use Zoom. I imagine the MI6 (Secret Intelligence Service), watching our bored civil servants, mounted on the horse of San Martin, fighting for their domestic connectivity and with an austere camera that, luckily, films them from the waist up. Three meetings since the creation of the "Malvinas National Council" seem few for such actions of the State, which should be in permanent assignment. Gentlemen, we have occupied 52% of the Argentine Exclusive Economic Zone and its southern archipelagos, a territory twice as large as the Republic of France, which kept Charles de Gaulle and the allies in suspense. If the procedure and the dynamics set by the Argentine governments in this matter had been applied during the Second World War, for fear of the bombs then and today the COVID, in other hands would be the world hegemonic power. Officials are not paid to lead symposiums or to highlight national events, but rather so that with intelligence, imagination, courage and dedication to work they change the destiny of a Nation on its knees.
Who could imagine recovering the Malvinas when they have no other idea than to promote dialogue and dust off the worn-out Resolution 2065/65 of the United Nations in order for the British to sit down to negotiate, with or without the support of the majority of the countries of the world. The dialogue in these 55 years of waiting, like Penelope, with or without carnal relations, was absolutely contrary to Argentine territorial, economic and social interests, as we have synthetically enumerated at the beginning of these lines. Times are all exhausted, unless the message to change is so that nothing changes.
From 1982 to date, we can consider positive actions the creation of the "South Atlantic Peace and Cooperation Zone" (1986); the incorporation of the First Transitory Provision in the Constitution of the Argentine Nation (1994) that established: “The Argentine Nation ratifies its legitimate and imprescriptible sovereignty over the Malvinas, South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands and the corresponding maritime and insular spaces, for being an integral part of the national territory ”; the suspension of the Joint Fisheries Investigations with the United Kingdom (2005); the ratification of the rights before the UN on the Argentine Continental Shelf (2007); the enactment of Law 26,386 that restricts actions to fishing companies operating in Malvinas (2008); the identification or location of the Argentines killed in the Malvinas (2008/2013/2016); the requirement by Decree 256/10 of the Malvinas Transit permit (2010); the restrictions by the Solanas Law (26,659) to oil companies operating in Malvinas (2011); the recommendation of 351,633 km2 out of 1,782,000 km2 claimed before the Commission on the Limits of the Continental Shelf (2016); the hierarchy of the Malvinas Secretariat of the Argentine Foreign Ministry (2020); the suspension of joint fisheries investigations with the United Kingdom of Great Britain (2020); the creation of the National Council of Malvinas (2020) and the decision of the European Union to exclude all overseas archipelagos from the Brexit Agreement (not only the Malvinas).
With all of the foregoing, it did not reach or reach. Reporting all the Agreements is the beginning of a list of proactive economic, operational, South Americanization actions of the South Atlantic and the occupation of maritime spaces in the EEZ and the high seas, apart from diplomatic actions in all jurisdictions to ratify Our rights.

Dr. César Augusto Lerena
Expert in South Atlantic and Fisheries, former Secretary of State, former Secretary of Social Welfare (Ctes), former Professor at UNNE and FASTA University, Former Advisor to the Chamber of Deputies of the Nation and in the Senate of the Nation, Doctor of Science, Consultant , author of 25 books (among them “Atlántico Sur, Malvinas and Reforma Federal Pesquera”, 2019).
January 20, 2021 ©
Copyright © * | 2021 | * * | César Lerena | *, All rights reserved.
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