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The first quarter shows an increase in exports of Alaska pollock surimi from the US

UNITED STATES | Tuesday, May 21, 2019
At US Customs, the average price of Alaskan pollock surimi (Theragra chalcograma) (HS 0304...


Approved the new protocol of the fishing agreement between the EU and
European Union | 23:00 | The Council of European Affairs has approved the new protocol of the fisheries agreement b... Full Story
Exports of coho (Pacific) salmon frozen to Japan grew 6% year-on-yea
Chile | 23:00 | In March Chile exported 10,005 tonnes of Pacific salmon or coho(Oncorrynchus kisutch) ... Full Story
Biolorrusia is the main destination of the Capelin exported by Iceland
Iceland | 22:50 |   Table 1: FOB price of Icelandic capelin exports, USD / kg FOB, 2019-2018 ... Full Story
Alaska Air Cargo Brings the Season's First Wild Copper River Salmon to Seattle
About 18,000 pounds of fresh Copper River salmon arrived on a fish-filled Alaska Airlines plane touching down at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport on Friday marking the start of the salmon season.
Squid Trawler Reaping Benefits of WASSP F3X
A squid-fishing trawler operating in the waters around the Falkland Islands is reaping the benefits having installed a WASSP F3X multibeam sonar system.
Chicken of the Sea Announces a Responsible Aquaculture Commitment
Chicken of the Sea announces a responsible aquaculture commitment to support the SeaChange IGNITE collaboration with the Monterey Bay Aquarium and Thai Union.
Smarter Processing with Marel in Brussels
Explore exciting new fish processing technology at Marel’s stand #4-6227 in Brussels this year, with live demonstrations, product launches and expert advice on how to optimize your factory’s performance.
Shrimp season will begin in mid-June
Argentina The entire shrimp fleet will be able to operate in argentinean waters, within the Permanent Hake Closure Zone, between June 14 and 15. That is the date that a priori authorities handle, as Pescare.com...
Malvinas (Falkland): National Government will not advance in the creation of a regional organization of fisheries management
Argentina The steps taken by Governor Rosana Bertone along with national legislators in defense of the Argentine sovereignty over Malvinas gave positive results, and forced Chancellor Jorge Faurie to admit befo...
A European project aims to develop a sustainable food from bons and fish skin
European Union A European project coordinated by the Higher Council for Scientific Research (CSIC) aims to develop a food of sustainable marine origin ready for consumption, from the use of discards from fishing, al...
European Justice confirms that the red crayfish is an invasive alien species
Belgium BRUSSELS (EUROPA PRESS) - The Court of Justice of the European Union (TEU) has endorsed Thursday the inclusion of red crayfish in the European list of invasive alien species, a decision that had been ...