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Ecuador says shrimp exports comply with biosecurity protocol

ECUADOR | Sunday, July 12, 2020
  China suspended imports from three Ecuadorian companies for allegedly finding trac...


Landing and auction price for 'common squid' | Todarodes pacificus | 2
Japan | 11:00 | Source: FIS.com | Click to enlarge it [email protected] www.fis.com... Full Story
Export│Pacific cod (NMFS)│Volumes and prices: Japan, Korea and China |
United States | 00:00 | Status There are four stocks of Pacific cod: Bering Sea, Gulf of Alaska, Aleutian Islands... Full Story
Export│Frozen Atka Mackerel│Vomunes and prices: Japan, Korea and China
United States | 00:00 | Atka mackerel (Pleurogrammus monopterygius) are distributed along the continental shelf in... Full Story
Smurfit Kappa Replaces EPS Frozen Food Packaging with Sustainable Paper-based Alternative
Smurfit Kappa has launched an innovative and sustainable new pack made from a 100% paper-based combination of Hexacomb and corrugated which keeps frozen and chilled foods fresh throughout the supply chain.
BioMar and Bio Feeder Announce Environmentally Friendly Boat
BioMar Norway and Bio Feeder extend their collaboration with a new cutting-edge hybrid vessel, the Kryssholm – a high-tech vessel for shipping fish feed will be completed in 2021.
Albertsons Own Brands Celebrates Sustainability Milestone
Albertsons Companies has announced that 100 percent of the seafood in its BISTRO® and Open Nature® lines of Own Brands products will soon display the Responsible Choice™ logo for sustainable sourcing.
Certified Seafood Collaborative Takes Ownership of RFM Certification Program
The Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute officially handed over ownership after a six-month period of transition following over ten years of dedication to developing the robust and independent certification for the industry.
Dorset Fisherman buoyed by Waitrose support
United Kingdom Waitrose has become the first major UK supermarket chain to sell MSC certified British clams, which are now on sale at counters across 150 of its stores, with sustainable British cockles due to en...
Alaska Fish prices and production for 2019 provide pre-Covid base
United States While this summer’s salmon prices still remain mostly under wraps the Covid-virus has pushed down prices for other popular species. Halibut, for example, is below $4 a pound at several major po...
Statistics │ Imports │ Pollock Fillets and surimi: USA, Vietnam, India, China, Russia │ 2020
European Union Source: FIS.com | Click to enlarge it [email protected] www.fis.com...
Chinese Fishing Trawlers Cleaning Out The Persian Gulf, Iran Daily Reports
Iran Under the cover of night, Chinese vessels are illegally cleaning out fish resources in the Persian Gulf, a pro-reform Iranian daily, Sharq (Orient) disclosed on Wednesday, July 8. Meanwhile, Iranian ...