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Skretting and Proteon Pharmaceuticals to introduce novel phage technology for aquaculture

NETHERLANDS | Thursday, January 28, 2021
Skretting announces a collaboration with Proteon Pharmaceuticals aimed at providing functi...


138 different species of cephalopods inhabit the Great Marine Ecosyste
Spain | 07:00 | Scientists from the University of Vigo and the IEO have studied the biodiversity of this a... Full Story
Eight Indonesian pole-and-line and handline fisheries celebrate achiev
Netherlands | 06:00 | IPNLF, the non-profit organisation that is committed to globally developing and supporting... Full Story
Auction prices for common squid (todarodes pacificus) frozen on board
Japan | 05:00 | Source: FIS.com | Click to enlarge it [email protected] www.fis.com... Full Story
New Salmon Cooking Guide Website
The Bristol Bay Sockeye Salmon website showcases chef influencer recipes and techniques for excellent DIY salmon, the new "Salmon Cooking Guide" is everything you wanted to know about how to cook great salmon at home.
Nourish Your Body & Soul With Seaweed Seasonings
Mara Seaweed nutritious and delicious seaweed flakes are a mineral rich salt alternative and seasoning, rich in iodine, high in fibre, full of essential minerals, adds umami, enhances flavour making things taste delicious.
Grieg Seafood Enters Joint Venture for Post-Smolt and Land-Based Salmon Farming
The move makes Grieg Seafood the first global salmon producer to invest in land-based salmon farming, the joint venture Årdal Aqua will produce at least 3000 tonnes of post-smolt annually.
Superior Quality and Highly Nutritional Seafood
Gadre’s vision is to become a global leading brand in the Surimi products business, through world-class infrastructure, industry best practices, global quality standards and stringent safety policies.
Statistics │ Import by origin │Crab │ December 2020
South Korea Source: FIS.com | Click to enlarge it [email protected] www.fis.com...
New study finds Scottish pelagic fisheries have low carbon footprint
United Kingdom A new study has found that Scottish caught pelagic fish such as herring and mackerel have a low carbon footprint compared to other types of food production, making them a good food choice for the envi...
CALAMASUR in favor of limiting the fishing of the Giant Squid for its sustainability
Peru In an international meeting they will discuss the key issues for its management and conservation. The peruvian newspaper 'Gestión', reported today in an article that the main fishing compani...
Scientists develop model to predict movement of tuna
Seychelles Indian Ocean Tuna Commission - the organization responsible for the management of tunas and tuna-like species in the Indian Ocean region is conducting new research to better understand the movement of...